Alice & Country - The Latest In Luxury Country Fashion

 Introducing Alice & Country

Hello There!

It brings me great excitement to be able to introduce to you my new and exciting brand of country clothing; Alice & Country. 

Alice & Country is all about bringing the famous and well loved British style to the streets. For too long country fashion has been at a standstill, with lack of variety and up to date styles for us 'outdoorsy' fashionistas. I don't know about you, but I feel that there are very limited ways of showcasing my inner equestrian without rocking up in a pair of breeches, and that country fashion is reserved for just that; the country.

I say that country living and equestrianism is a lifestyle, not just a hobby, and therefore our clothing should reflect this and we should be free to express this way of life wherever we go. 

Here at A&C I am combining the traditional British style with modern high street and catwalk trends to provide us country folk with clothing that well and truly sums up our personality. I'm a big fan of tweed, but I believe that it's just not being given the attention it deserves which is why a lot of my designs incorporate just a subtle trimming-it's not necessary to be covered head to toe (hello broken piggy banks) to pull off the country look, but sometimes the little bit can set you apart from the crowd in just the right way.

I hope you enjoy stepping out with your style with me, and most of all, being at the forefront of country fashion! There's loads of designs in the pipeline, so this 2017 is definitely shaping up to be a good one.

Until next time,

Alice x