Introducing: The Blue Tweed Cape

So we've got the next addition to our collection... The Blue Tweed Cape! 

I'm SUPER excited about this one, as I think it's the staple item of a country lovers wardrobe. You really can't get any more 'tweedy' than this!

So my favourite part about this has to be the detachable faux fur collar. There's always a bit of a divide between people as to whether a fur collar looks good, but I've designed this cape so that no matter what you like- you can wear it how you wish. Spring is just about here, but the temperature is still pretty cool, so I've opted to keep the fur on, just to keep my neck warm for now!

 Alice & Country Blue Tweed Cape

Simply detach using the buttons hidden discretely on the inside of the collar.

tweed cape detachable collar

You can get a flash of pink under the collar too. It's all about the little things ey?!


Now this cape is a little longer than most other capes out there. Although I am a fan of the short cropped jacket look, I really wanted to go for a longer and more elegant style with arm holes at the front so that from the back it really does look like a cape. The zip adds a more contemporary edge, which makes it acceptable to wear not just out in the country, but in your everyday life too. 

 blue tweed cape faux fur collar

Now I LOVE the colour blue. And blue tweed is just something we should be seeing more of! The entire cape is made from 100% British blue wool tweed, with a soft and subtle pink check, which I've picked up on with the lining. The colour shade of the fur is called 'silver fox' and that along with the light blue of the cape makes it the perfect addition to your Spring wardrobe. It's colourful, luxurious quality and made here in the UK.


What's not to like?!

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Stay tuned for more additions... I've got plenty more!