Style Blog #1 The Bolesworth Outfit

So this May we have had great fun pairing up lots of gorgeous outfits, and we have been incredibly lucky to have paired up with Fairfax & favour and Hiho Silver who have put the finishing touches to each and every one of our country looks!

We've kickstarted the first on our style blog series with a simple outfit which would be perfect for a summer equestrian show, such as The Equerry International Horse Show which is happening this coming week!

In this blog we have put together a truly classic look, which to be honest would look perfect for any equestrian event, so if you're attending one, read on to get some inspiration about what to wear; this outfit is perfect for bringing a touch of country glamour to any show you attend.

We will start with the Oxford Shirt with the checked trim, which is casual, yet country. We think this is the perfect for any country show as it's not too formal, but brings a little more class to a casual outfit. It's lightweight, and fits comfortably too so you can rest in the fact you will be comfortable all day long! The pastel coloured checked cuffs and trim bring a spot of colour, ensuring it's not just any old blouse.

oxford shirt

 The Oxford Shirt is incredibly versatile, and can be paired with pretty much anything! For a show like Bolesworth we would pair it with some smart navy jeans, like we have done below. Any colour would look lovely, however black jeans may be too warm for the summer!


For footwear, we couldn't not opt for a pair of Fairfax & Favors! Here we have gone for the classic Suede Navy Blue Heeled Reginas, which are SO comfy, and really add that much needed British touch to the outfit. These boots really compliment the outfit, and we love how they go perfectly with the blue tones that are picked up in the shirt and jeans!



If you're going to be walking round a show all day, it's of utmost importance that you have comfortable footwear, and with these on, you'll be able to see everything there is to offer with zero hassle.

If the weather is looking a bit unpredictable (this is Britain after all) then for an extra layer, you can throw on our Blue Tweed Cape, which is the definition of country style. Our Tweed Cape has a detachable faux fur collar too, so if it's looking to be on the warmer side, then you can simply pop it off for more of a lightweight feel. If you’ve got navy trousers and the blue Reginas on, you’ll have a beautiful co-ordinated outfit which is sure to turn heads! 

The blue tones from the cape also compliment the Reginas and the blue cuffs of the shirt too, leaving you with an outfit that looks seamless from head to toe!

Finally, no outfit would be complete without some accessories! We are simply in love with HiHo Silver, and their range of country and equestrian inspired jewellery is perfect for putting in the finishing touch to our Bolesworth outfit!

There are so many pieces you can choose from, but we have opted for the combination of their Fox Bangle, which is made from Sterling Silver, as well as the matching Sterling Silver Fox Ring. We love the nod that they give to country glamour, and they give you the freedom to stack up with any other silver pieces of jewellery you have too.



We hope that this has given you some inspiration for any shows you will be attending this summer, and if you're rocking any one of these pieces this summer, tag us #aliceandcountry so we can see how you have styled your show outfit!

So if you are thinking about heading to Bolesworth this year, then you can purchase your tickets here. It promises to be bigger and better than any previous years, with world class Dressage demonstrations from the likes of Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin. If you’re also a fan of showjumping, there will be The Equerry Grand Prix, as well a Puissance!

We hope to see you there, rocking your Alice & Country, HiHo Silver and Fairfax & Favor!


Oxford Shirt With Checked Trim

Fairfax & Favor Navy Blue Heeled Reginas

Blue Tweed Cape

HiHo Silver Fox Bangle

HiHo Silver Fox Ring