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Style It: The Country Gilet

Our very first garment, the Burgundy Moleskin & Tweed Country Gilet is sure to be one of those staple garments that you throw on to complete an outfit; perfect for those 'too warm for a coat, too cold for no extra layer days'. If you're wondering how to style it, or just how to combine it with your other clothes (country or not) then read on... So the great thing about this gilet, is that it really can be worn for any occasion. If you're going for spot of shopping, meeting up with the girls or even just heading out for a wee stroll, you can easily dress it down with a simple pair of jeans (like I've done in...

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Alice & Country - The Latest In Luxury Country Fashion

  Hello There! It brings me great excitement to be able to introduce to you my new and exciting brand of country clothing; Alice & Country.  Alice & Country is all about bringing the famous and well loved British style to the streets. For too long country fashion has been at a standstill, with lack of variety and up to date styles for us 'outdoorsy' fashionistas. I don't know about you, but I feel that there are very limited ways of showcasing my inner equestrian without rocking up in a pair of breeches, and that country fashion is reserved for just that; the country. I say that country living and equestrianism is a lifestyle, not just a hobby, and therefore...

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