About Us

New for 2017, Alice & Country is re-vamping and bringing a breath of fresh air to the country clothing and lifestyle industry.

For too long, country clothing and tweed have all been about the same shade of green and brown, with designs being similar across the field. We want to rock the boat and combine tweed with colour, and make it suitable for both your country and city pursuits.

Equestrianism is a lifestyle, not a hobby, which is why our clothing is suitable for the high street too, with catwalk trends being at the heart of all our designs so that no tweed skirt will look out of place on a shopping trip or lunch with the girls.

Here at A&C we want to bring you lifestyle clothing that will stay with you for years to come, and will revitalise your wardrobe and bring that much needed boost of innovativity. 

Quality is of the utmost importance, and only the finest fabrics are used in the creation of our products. Our tweed comes from a variety of mills in Yorkshire, of which the majority are small and family orientated. We aim to support these small local businesses as much as we can!

We are located in a lovely village, just South of Nottingham, and founded by Alice who spotted a niche in the country clothing market after going to many horse shows and country events. After gaining a Marketing degree and working for an equestrian marketing agency after graduation, she discovered her passion for e-commerce, country fashion and designing which led to the birth of Alice & Country.

Feel free to read more about our designs and the latest goings-on in our blog, we will be updating it regularly with news about our latest releases and exciting announcements!

Have a question? Drop us an email here and we will be happy to help.

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